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Scott Shires’ financial advice has been quoted in several magazines and newspapers through the years. The following are a few articles that contain valuable financial information you need:

  • The Lifetime Book of Money Management, Third Edition Copyright 1983, 1987, 1993 (PDF File, 2.15M)by Grace W. WeinsteinExcerpt: Table 2.1: Scott Shires’s Budget Suggestions, Designed to Boost Savings
The Lifetime Book of Money Management
  • Big investors steal show at once-sleepy tax sales,” The Gazette, Sunday, November 9, 1997 (PDF File, 724K)by Todd HartmanExcerpt: “Every fall, Scott Shires zips up and down Interstate 25 in his ‘91 Dodge van, on the prowl for easy money….”
Controlling Your Spending
  • How Much Are You Saving? Is it Enough?,” Money, March 1988 (PDF File, 2.01M)by Jerry EdgertonYou may be surprised by the amount you are really putting away. If it’s not enough, there are smart ways to save more.
How Much Are You Saving?
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